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The most versatile model in the Truth Japan range specifically designed for Kingfish and Tuna anglers which casts lures over long distances and easy to obtain lure flight distance. Bonus  is that it can be doubled for a Shore Casting rod.



Lightness and balance which does not make you feel the length of 8ft 5inch.
You can cast lures from 30g to 130g all day long.
After hook up, there is a sense of security that comes from the length of the rod which allows the entire rod to flex and catch the running of the fish softly and firmly set the hook, with a beautiful arc and plenty of power to lift. In addition, by achieving this it is possible to obtain excellent performance for casting, and it is possible to surprisingly reduce the burden on the body when fighting the fish.  Works a versatile lure range from small to medium lures. 

Regarding fight.
It is a model with PE6 display, but you can use PE8 when the fish are big. (In the case of Kingfish casting)
You still get sufficient flight distance, and it is light and does not get tiring.
If the fish are far away, you don't need to worry about it, but if you gradually approach the ship and lay the rod down (parallel to the sea surface), you can fight using the butt power well without damaging the rod. At the time of landing, it will be more secure to take in by turning the side back and guiding.

The grips are designed with slender hard EVA.

Guide: T-MNST12 / T-KWSG 12 × 2 / T-KWSG16 / T-KWSG20 / PMNSG25 / PMNSG40

A combination of titanium frame and stainless steel frame.
Titanium guides are used for sections that are not heavily loaded, eliminating under wrapping for sharper performance.
The loaded section of the butt section is under wrapped using a stainless steel guide.

The specifications are lighter, sharper, and more secure.

Recommended Reels: Daiwa Saltiga 14000H/10000H or Stella  14000H/10000H

Length: 8'5 "

Line PE #:6)

Cast: 30g ~ 120g (max 150g)

Recommended Drag : 12kg

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