AB1 Slow pitch Viper Medium

Slow Medium / 30 Lbs

1.98 Mt , optimal drag 5kg, Max drag 8Kg

PE 2-3

100-250 Gr


This outstanding new collection "slow pitch" is designed when a slow motion animation on lures is needed or when you are using a livebait such as squid on dritfting for amberjack, dentex, coral trout or sailfish with bonito belly and strike detection is a major part of the hooking.


the particularity remain in the patented AB1 blank single taper, combinating Dynanotex, Carbon/Dynanotex and Carbon and allowing an amazing sensibility and an impressive power starting in the middle of the blank to strike and  lift the fish !

see the pictures ! the weight used is a 5 kgs...

you'll be able to use a tenya / madaï  or a squid and target amberjack, grouper, with sensibility and an amazing power.

Besides, this amazing blank can be used in a spinning or casting mode, allowing to also target dorado fish or tarpon with small stickbait !!


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