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    KIT ROLLER AB1 30/50 Lbs

    Price €383.33

    Full floating roller guides AB1 patented product !

    Titanium sheave, stainless ballbearing and aluminium frame !

    These amazing rollers autorise the roller to follow completely the curve of the blank without any rigidity, in contrary to all ever rollers created and existing !

    Besides, the more pression / drag applied to the roller is pushing pressure on the foating feet of the roller to help to get back to 0° angle !!!! Thus, both fisherman and roller are fighting the fish and using 100 % of the blank !!

    Also available in Full titanium and carbon/ titanium feet !

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    The range of Ally rods is perfect for all coastal fishing at sea. These rods are made from a tough fiberglass blank for greater durability.

    Characteristics :

    • Solid tip STT (Solid Tip Technology)

    • Aluminum reel seat

    • Fuji rings in aluminum oxide

    • Non-slip EVA Torque handle

    • Reinforced reel seat

    • single strand rod

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    Price €270.83

    New generation rod, designed for trolling, extremely thin (hence the name Slim), with great power and versatility. The parabolic action has exceptional vibration transmission, from the handshake, to give you a unique and wonderful feeling of combat. Extremely light and easy to handle, it allows you to hold it with one hand for hours on a fishing trip, with an immediate and productive reaction to the strike. To ensure reliability and robustness. Fuji guide to allow the use of the braided line. metal gimbal and reel. A lively and modern look, differentiated in the different casting weight

  • Prime Tuna Acid

    Price €707.50

    Carbon reel seat

    Fuji rings

    unidirectional carbon blank

    rotating ring

    each blank calibrated on goniometric wall

    Ultra V triple finish

  • Prime Tuna Acid carbon...

    Price €908.33

    Full carbon fiber curved butt

    Fuji rings

    unidirectional carbon blank

    rotating ring

    each blank calibrated on goniometric wall

    Ultra V triple finish


    Price €290.83

    This rod benefits from a new powerful Stand-Up blank with a sensitive tip, to achieve this balance between power and sensitivity. It is built with a new very special composite carbon. Assembly with Fuji Alconite K series rings.

    The Reverse takes its name from its spiral ring assembly, which gives it optimal load distribution. This particularity allows the blank to always work at 100% power, which is ideal during big fights.


    Price €315.83

    Alutecnos Gorilla Rods, designed as a perfect match to the Gorilla Reels’ series. Elegant design line in black and silver, Alutecnos silver reel seat PM00, five Fuji K series double-foot guides with double binding and five Fuji series K Guides Single Foot and single binding and tip.

    Prevalent TOP action that guarantees a considerable power reserve to better fight your catch.


    Price €120.83

    The Technium Boat Slim rod is a novelty in the boat range. Its cutting edge action blank is very thin yet powerful. The rod is in fact very sensitive with a large reserve of power.

    Lightweight, thin XT100 blank with cutting edge powerful action

    Fuji DPS reel seat for secure reel attachment

    Three models with Inox Braid rings (braid) (for spinning reel).

    Fuji rubber gimbal very useful when fighting with a big fish


    Price €65.83

    Thin and very light, this rod has been specially designed for light trolling with snaps in warm Mediterranean waters. Anglers will appreciate its lightness and its very progressive blank, which allows you to always have good contact with the bait. Even though it has a very thin blank, it nevertheless benefits from a good reserve of power which allows it to successfully fight with a large number of predators. This rod will do wonders if it is equipped with a Speed master or TLD reel. Its heel is removable which facilitates its transport. It turns out to be perfect for guardian lead fishing where it easily supports a 750gr lead.