Named "Tenya Tachiuo" in Japan, the Tenya saber is specifically designed to fish this atypical predator. This pelagic has a long, very flat serpentine body. It measures an average of 1.20 to 1.80 m but can exceed 2 m for a weight of around 5 kg. Able to see perfectly in the darkness of the abyss thanks to its large eyes, this ferocious predator has an impressive jawbone with long, particularly sharp teeth. Among the wide range offered by the brand, he chose two specific models adapted to fishing in our waters which are now available on the French market:


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TENYA SABRE : Colour:PHOSPHO, Poids (g):300

Colour : PHOSPHO,

Poids (g) : 300

Price : €22.46

PHOSPHO 300 €22.46

TENYA SABRE : Colour:BLEU, Poids (g):185

Colour : BLEU,

Poids (g) : 185

Price : €14.13

BLEU 185 €14.13