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    You'll never need lights again!!! Tested next to (Lighted) standard rigs with Glow Beads and Glow Shrink Tubing, This rig (Unlighted) SMOKED the standard lighted rig! Guaranteed success with this rig!  Has a 13/0 hook.

    Use this trusted Tormenter Rig for deep dropping for your favorite fish, whether it be: Yellow Edge Grouper, Yellow Eye Snapper, Tilefish, Warsaw Grouper, Snowy Grouper, etc...

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    • The Articulated Phospho Fireball TORTUE, allows a better presentation of the live bait, by allowing him a certain freedom of swimming and thus less tiring him • The TORTUE Articulated Fire Ball also lets you change your hook, with the help of a broken rings, and thus adapt any size or shape of hook • Possibility of triple arming, on available rings • All components are connected to each other to prevent wrenching during a fight or touch • The most versatile Fire Ball on the market


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    Long cap for maximum protection with integrated neck protection. 

    Holding cord. Ultra light and breathable fabric. Unique size..

  • Developed by Constant GUIGO to mount the "wriggling rinds." The range allows the use of staples CG enhanced to keep the rind perfectly aligned and prevent twisting. Each hook is a size rind. You can "get" a hook size for a vibration + low speed (eg rind 17 cm and hook 6/0 for giant bars throw-back or cod in waddles on wrecks) .


    Price €290.83

    This manual winch is specially designed for slow trolling depth. Thanks to its handle allows you to easily back up your lead without fatigue. The side door keeps your cane cane perfectly in axis.