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    Price €149.17

    For lovers of "Light Tackle". The reels are the most common light trolling. The composite chassis is very light. Adjusting the brake lever opens all technical fisheries (live with the use of drop back, behind the downrigger) with ease. The different positions of the brake are well marked. Whether you fish at the other end of the world or you longiez the French coast, the TLD will always be reliable at your side.

  • WAVY 85

    Price €16.00
    The Wavy is an unusual lure. Indeed, its apparent simplicity contrasts with the latest technical innovations. However, it fully meets the specifications of a predator grabs. The sizes shown are the most common in fish feed. The silhouette is simple but realistic. This strong lure of a good height / weight ratio, slightly higher than water (slow sinking) density is remarkably well in the current, it is an illusion also recommended for slow trolling. On animation, he accepts everything! Effective way back, he unhinged dramatically on a free shot (jerk) and flutters in all directions twitching. It is an irresistible rattle, serious tone. Possess some in the box is mandatory. Excellent start to the bar, he is terrible in trolling for bonito fishing.

    Price €5.00
    Permanent marker permanent high strength. Ideal to mark and identify your nylons and your distance fishing. Very bright.

    Price €7.75
    Lightweight and extremely durable, it does not change the balance of your lure. Its round shape and its specific art "Cutting Point" significantly decrease the hook. 3 sets available to deal with all sizes of lures and fish sought: The series ST46 2X is reinforced for the first strong and vigorous fish fisheries.

    Price €11.68
    7 strands braided nylon coated steel. This highly flexible cable allows you to quickly make your bottom line without sleeve.

    Price €12.50
    Specially designed to hang a dead or alive deep underground bait. The two "super enhanced" hooks are set in the bait, one fixed and the other slides to fit perfectly to the size of your bait.

    Price €10.83
    Very open intermediate strength. Ideal for tropical or light stronk fishing savvy on our shores. We use it successfully on yellowtail and dentists with sevreaux or mackerel as bait. Great tropical surf with small mules.

    Price €6.65
    Usually used for longline fishing. The very entrant technology ensures a great fit. The model 16/0 is often used for Tarpon or Cerniers for deep fishing. 20/0 is ideally suited to tracking sharks and billfish baits as lures. Economical and very effective.
  • Heavy luxurious version of the Circle. The finish is impeccable, very sharp, it does not need sharpening. One of our favorite models for Tarpon. Very durable.
  • Slightly reversed their shape and exceptionally thick iron make the strongest Circle, impossible to open, even on a 300 Kg Tuna Sharpening original is perfect. This is the "top" of Circle Hooks. Good for the "stronk fishing."